Work Programme statistics June 2016

DWP published their latest statistics on the Work Programme at 9.30 am on 23rd June 2016.

L&W will be producing its analysis on Friday 24th. We had a "that's funny" moment while going through the DWP stats. DWP responded with "good catch", so their computers are running hot. The issue mainly relates to 2-year and overall performance by payment group (which doesn't form part of the main DWP release, it's supplementary material).

DWP's statement on the figures (in summary) is:

DWP released our regular quarterly Work Programme statistics at 9:30 on 23/06/2016.

Further tables are available via the Stat-Xplore site   The previous site for tables, Tabtool, has been discontinued.

DWP Main Findings

Minimum performance levels have been exceeded for each contract over the past twelve months. The Department calculates expectations of what providers should deliver. Providers have contractual minimum performance levels for three types of claimant.

Results against the Department's transparency measure have steadily improved since the start of the programme. This measure applies to all claimant types.

Overall, levels at the 12 month point are now more than twice those of the earliest joiners.

  • Almost 1.84 million people have joined Work Programme.
  • A little under 30% of those with sufficient time to do so spent at least six months in work (or three for the harder to help): 522 thousand individuals in total.
  • Around 1.56 million individuals have completed their allotted time on the scheme.
  • Of these, close to a quarter were still in work at the end of the two year point, or providers had received maximum payments.
  • Around 33.4 thousand persons referred to the programme did not attach to it.
  • Around a million people, 64%, returned to Jobcentre Plus at the end of their two years on the programme.