Big Lottery Fund - Tackling Multiple Needs to Improving Employability;

Shaw Trust
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Big Lottery Fund - Tackling Multiple Needs to Improving Employability;

Expressions of Interest to Work With Shaw Trust

Tees Valley & South West of England



Now with discounted prices until the 26th June.

Basic posting £30 per advert, per week

Feature £67.50 per advert, per week (with 10% discount).

Spotlight £127.50 per advert, per week (with 15% discount).

Newswire £170 per advert, per week (with 15% discount).

Adult Learners' Week 2015

Saturday, 13 June 2015 - 12:00am - Friday, 19 June 2015 - 12:00am

Adult Learners' Week is a national celebration of lifelong learning; the biggest in England. The Week is now in its 24th year and we are really proud that it has inspired Adult Learners' Week celebrations across the world.


Monday, 13 July 2015 - 6:30pm - Wednesday, 15 July 2015 - 4:45pm
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion

Want to have your say in the design of future employment support?

The IntoWork Convention is our flagship event of the year and it will be the place to build links with like minded organisations, exchange innovations and build a brighter future for the UK labour market.

ERSA State of the Sector Survey and Employability Awards 2015

ERSA is currently running two projects that are open to the wider sector outside of ERSA members, that we thought may be of interest.

  • The ERSA State of the Sector Survey
  • The ERSA Employability Awards 2015

Advertising with Indus Delta

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Advertise with us your jobs, stories, news, events, etc and they will be read by the correct people.

Our rates follow bellow:

BASIC listing: £30 per week per advert.

FEATURE listing: £75 per week per advert.

SPOT LIGHT & BASIC listing: £150 per week per advert.

NEWSWIRE: £200 per week per advert (emailed out to over 8,000 clients).

Staffline's Andy Hogarth interviewed in Daily Telegraph

Staffline's CEO Andy Hogarth was interviewed this week for the Daily Telegraph. The interview was published in two articles.

Andy Hogarth is the boss of the UKs largest company that looks to get people off benefits and into work. He is uniquely placed to understand his workers situation having done many of the lowest paid jobs himself, and built up his business after overcoming a battle with depression.

Employability & Skills Scotland 2015

Monday, 14 September 2015 - 2:00pm - Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 8:30am
The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion

Scotland’s Employability and Skills Convention will bring together policy makers and practitioners from across Scotland and beyond to discuss the latest developments and the directions which Scotland will take in the future.

Providence Service Corporation (Ingeus) Quarterly financial results

The Providence Service Corporation (NASDAQ:PRSC) held a conference call with investment analysts on their quarterly results. The transcript is available via

An extract of Ingeus-relevant parts is below:

A4e purchased by Staffline: to merge under Avanta/EOS

Staffline announced the acquisition of A4e on 27th April 2015.

This means that Staffline, which already owns EOS and Avanta, will now hold nine Work Programme prime contracts, the largest number of any company (Ingeus was awarded 7 by DWP).

The employment support companies will be merged into a new brand 'PeoplePlus' over the coming months.

The companies also hold a number of other central and local government contracts related to employment and skills.

Devolution of welfare-to-work could improve the co-ordination, effectiveness and coverage of local service delivery systems

recent report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) draws on evidence from Canada, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany which shows that welfare-to-work devolution can be a catalyst for integrating and improving local employment and training services.

Reasons to be cheerful about next 5 years, say training leaders

Employment and skills issues are at the top of the political agenda as we move towards the next general election.  Developing skills and improving productivity are at the core of sustainable growth.  Training providers can be at the centre of that debate and be the key driver to grow the programmes which will deliver improved skills for individuals and employers. 

A million unemployed people receiving no government help into work, councils warn

More than a million unemployed people are falling through cracks in national work schemes that are failing to reach some of the most vulnerable jobseekers, councils have warned. Latest employment figures released in December show that the number of unemployed people not claiming Jobseeker's Allowance has passed one million for the first time.

This means many of the hardest-to-reach jobseekers, such as young people or those with complex needs, are not receiving any government help into work. The challenge is growing rapidly, with a 28 per cent increase in the proportion of unemployed people not claiming benefits in the last 18 months.

New evidence connects the rise in food bank usage to benefit sanctions and welfare reform

A new cross-party report exploring the causes of food poverty in the UK has found that coalition welfare changes, ‘heavy handed’ benefit sanctions and benefit delays are amongst the complex factors which have led to the rise in food bank usage over the last three years.

Legal action taken to challenge changes to Access to Work scheme

Human rights lawyers have sent a pre-action letter challenging the DWP to publish information detailing the eligibility criteria for its Access to Work scheme. The law firm Leigh Day describes the lack of available information surrounding the scheme as ‘inconsistent, unlawful and opaque’, reports Welfare Weekly.

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