IndusDelta and GDPR

We've been doing a bit of cleaning of the website and database before asking you if you wish to continue to be on our mailing list.

While this is going on, we've disabled new sign-ups and new discussion forum posts.

We see that quite a lot of people who have visited the site this year have a registered email address from a company that has changed its name since they registered.

We can only email you at your registered email address, so if your email address is not current, we cannot obtain your consent to receive mailings and your registration will be deleted. This will happen in the next few weeks. So, if you want to continue to be on the database to receive job ads by email, please update your email address.

We have only been sending out emails when companies have paid for an advert including an email, so this has been rare.

Our recent job ads have been receiving several hundred page views, so this continues to be a worthwhile service.

The services that continue to be open include the ability to post CVs for currently registered users, and there are a number of recruitment companies that have rights to see these.

Once the database has been cleaned after we know who has agreed to continue to be on the database, we will consider opening up new sign-ups and other user permissions.

IndusDelta Administrators