DWP Work Programme: how is it performing? - March 2016

Learning and Work Institute has published its' analysis of DWP's quarterly Work Programme performance report.

The headline results are:

• The two-year Job Outcome performance is 26.0%, 2.9 percentage points above DWP's expectations. This figure is for the whole Work Programme from June 2011 to December 2015.
• Two-year performance over the whole programme has increased slightly, from 25.7% in the December 2015 release to 26% now.
• For those completing the programme in the latest two months, two-year performance has risen from around 22% in 2013 to around 31% now.
• 1.81 million people have been referred to the Work Programme since June 2011.
• 503,200 people have had a 'sustained' job outcome through the Work Programme.
• ERSA - the Providers Trade Association, report that 772,000 participants have started work - and may eventually get a 'Job Outcome'.
• 12.5% of ESA new claimants get a job outcome within two years, below DWP's expectation of 12.7%. The equivalent figure for ex-IB ESA participants is 4.7%.
• People with a disability and those aged 50 and over are the least successful in getting a job through the Work Programme.

Further details on the Learning and Work Institute website.