Who on the WP is Winning?

The WP seems to be "Striving" for those that are actually involved in delivering the WP,what the WP delivers is still a mystery,Interpol has been looking for the "Black Box" which is thought to contain "Tailored Support,Training and Qualifications" thought by most to be a mystery,similar to the Loch Ness Monster a team of Advisers have been assigned to first find their own £ss,figure out where the money went and remember to deny anything.

How is your job search activity progressing? Are you getting many job interviews yourself? (which are the benchmark of your job applications)

Sorry, Dark, didn't see this until this morning.

As everyone knows, the operative word in "Tailored Support" is "Tailored", which can mean many things but in this case definitely includes "Cut one's coat according to one's cloth".

In the Work Programme, everyone who gets paid gets paid for job "sustainment" including multiple jobs.

The question is how organisations can deliver job sustainment for the most people for the least cost (to Government).

Part of the programme is getting people to search and apply for jobs who in previous recessions would have been early retired. There are a fair number of such folk who think that if there are jobs available, they should go to the youngsters. I disagree that looking for work for such people is useless, but there is no denying it can be less immediately successful than for the young.

I actually think the WP is a good concept,but the implementation has been deeply flawed,it was rushed out and my own experience with the WP (**********) was a barrage of excuses that it was a new programme and they needed time to develop their supply chain with regards to Training and Support,3 years on and the same excuses are still being given out,you may disagree but the lack of results speak for their selves.


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