Community Work Placements

What do people think of the new Community Work Placements contract? This is the extension of Work Programme for those that didn't find employment whilst on WP. Who will provide the work placements? Will it work? Let me know your thoughts?

I did some work on this before Christmas and there was definitely the will to support it with long-term placements from CIC's, charities, third sector and the public sector and private companies operating in the public service sector. Whether it will work is another thing entirely!

CWP will be marketed as a punitive contract, but in the right hands, in the hands of grass root community organisations, with the funds shared appropriately it could be an excellent programme that gives its customers a sense of worth and belonging.
We have approximately 1800 community places ready to go.
All in sectors that have job vacancies.
The community placement approach would be for those places to act as a transitional opportunity that prepares customers for the employment sector they want to work in.
The practical work experience is the most valuable part of the model. It also offer payments through a community currency the £CWP that allows those starting work to trade in for real pounds.
It can only work with the right provider, those who want to keep 50% management fee will no doubt deliver it as yet another pick up muck project devaluing people even further.
Who the contract is awarded too will decide if it runs well or is another waste of public money.

I'm a little puzzled by the above comment. You are going to give those who seize the opportunity to work with you a voucher which they can only cash in when they start a real job? Are you working with employers to act as a filter for the individuals they could use? The whole thing makes me distinctly uneasy.

Oh gosh No not only traded in for cash.
The Community pound can be used throughout the community enterprise network.
It can be spent on anything we have , food, cafe, transport, cleaning services, DIY, gardening, leisure and cultural events we put on. If we run it customers can use the currency.
Although this is beneficial most people want to make their own choices about what they buy and where to buy it.
As a provider we would have a payment when the person starts work or completes a short or long term placement. That income allows us to offer a trade from community pound to sterling.
Not sure what you mean by people employers would use ?
Our placements are within our community network.
They are sector specific and linked to job opportunities where we have or can create job vacancies.
We feed employers with a talent pool of practically trained experienced staff.

I may have missed it but have the successful bidders for CWP been announced. It's supposed to have gone live 1st April but I must have missed it.