MWA,CWP,Volunteering and over 50 Training

First off? Has anybody seen my Soap box? I have been through the WP,Work Experience,MWA and I volunteer at a local Charity,I have applied for numerous training courses that have been touted by the DWP/JCP they do not exist. I have never missed an appointment,I was late once,6 minutes,during a bad winter storm,my Job search is extensive,although it has only ever been scrutinised twice,yet I have been subject to a Sanction doubt many times,but never actually Sanctioned. I have now been informed that I must participate in the CWP,give up the Volunteering and pick up litter 30 hours a week,plus 10 hours "Supervised job search" as this will improve my chances of employment(?) I enquired about the "Over 50 Training" apparently this is it! As I already volunteer,but am limited to 16 hours a week as it would effect my ability to be available for work I offered to increase my hours at the Charity and save the Taxpayer the cost of A4E to supervise it,this is not allowed(Why?) Who let the Village Idiot out to write these policies? Even ERSA is finally questioning these silly programmes and out of control Sanctions! Has the penny finally dropped?