esf families

Anybody know what happens next year when this contract comes to an end, we havent heard anything yet, is it time to update the c.v's?

Assuming you are referring to the DWP Troubled Families contracts not the Local Authority (DCLG) ones - Doubt it (DWP TF provision)can continue as new ESF monies has gone to the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP)not DWP. LEPs can decide to put out tenders for contracts themselves, or ask the Opt In Organisations i.e.DWP, SFA or Big Lottery Fund to tender and contract on their behalf. Advantage in using Opt In Orgs is that they will have the matched funding required for ESF, but as the Opt In Orgs will hold the contract and therefore the liabilities, most likely they will have a major say over the T&Cs and payment models etc even though the LEPs determine what type of provision they want in their patch. So, no more DWP national one size fits all ESF programmes such as their Troubled Families.

Blimey - what an excellent appraisal of the situation Mr Pargle, I wish I was you sometimes.