Employment Support Allowance

Having worked in the Welfare to Work Industry for a number of years, I have to say that the number of people choosing to claim Employment Support Allowance has surprised me greatly. I work as an Employment Advisor and I am now regularly getting clients approach me saying they are now claiming Employment Support Allowance for issues such as stress and Alcoholism. Whilst I don't deny that there needs to be a support mechanism for people who are not fit for work, I do question the benefit system that provides an income stream that is not monitored to any great level. I am very sympathetic to clients needs and requirements but given the choice of Job Seekers Allowance which is now very heavily monitored and Employment Support Allowance which is barely monitored, I do believe there is a swing toward Employment Support Allowance to provide an income stream for lifestyle Job Seekers Allowance clients to move on to when they wish.