A4E in Financial trouble?

A4E has sold it's assets in India,I believe that just leaves the UK and AUS left,they have now pulled out of the Prison Training Contract(wonder how much that will cost) Is this just a sign of the general health of the W2W Industry as a whole? Has the Gravy Train derailed?

There are clearly some who have confidence in the finances of the W2W industry.

The purchase of Avanta by Staffline (an AIM qouted company) to merge with their existing EOS business shows that investors have some confidence.

Similarly, the purchase of Ingeus by Providence Services Corporation (quoted on NASDAQ) shows that their investors have some confidence.

Clearly, finances will differ between different companies.

The same was said about Enron and a lot of other "Big" Corporations>

"confidence in the finances" - hmmm.... I always thought this end of the industry was the annoying loss leader and the big prize was the privatisation of the jobcentres?

Hi warjacqui

As you may have seen elsewhere, A4e has appointed advisers towards a sale.

Meanwhile, Ingeus' financial results are out (as the Workforce Development division of Providence Service Corporation). This is international Ingeus not just UK, but it is profitable.