STOP PRESS: DWP releases preferred suppliers list for Framework for the Provision of Employment Related Support Services

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced that it has completed the selection process for the Employment Related Support Services Framework and has made its award decisions.

The names and contact details of the organisations that have been selected as Preferred Suppliers in each of the Lots can be found here.


Seems like a lot of the usual suspects... Not too many of the promised new entrants to the market. Call me cynical but I reckon that most current fND providers will continue to deliver in their geographic areas.

So, they are using ATOS...

I hope everyone in the industry will demonstrate ethical behaviour and bombard the DWP/Government/Mp's with complaints of a clear conflict of interest in having the company that determines (and is paid for) a persons medical status is also being paid to work further with them later...

ukbix, you assume ATOS will win a contract, this is just the Framework, but even if they (or any of the primes)do go on to win a Work Programme contract, the interesting thing will be who they all have as delivery sub contractors. So how many primes will sub contract with each other !!!! and if there is room for smaller voluntary providers to get a share of the action. Minister's have said they expect the Vol Sec to have a major role in delivery, let's hope DWP back this up when assessing the WP bids.

There'll be the standard trading of areas, but I think (really hope) there may be less than normal, particularly with the new organisations joining the market.

from the ringing around I've done within voluntary sector it looks like many have played a good hand this time around and by edging their bets and not going with one sole bidder quite a few have backed several winning horses. One may even have bitten off more than they can handle. This would seem to be supported by the Framework partnership announcements already appearing here on ID e.g. REED etc. Let's hope the vol sec drive a hard bargain with primes. Sources inform me Minister's are pressing DWP to ensure vol sec is well represented in delivery of work programme, which can only strengthen the VS negotiating position. Primes need VS in their supply chain (not just their bids!!) so we need to play this card to best effect this time.

The Work Programme prospectus is up.......