Site update!

Since the newswire was set up last autumn, it's been gradually building popularity through word of mouth. Most of the industry seems to know about it now, so it makes sense to step things up a notch. Site features now include:

  • Newswire - all editions of the welfare-to-work newswire
  • Knowledge base - a welfare-to-work wiki for industry resources
  • Forums - discussion groups so you can get answers to niggling questions about flexible New Deal, subcontracting, delivery or anything else that's fit to print. I've put a couple of pieces of gossip in there to start things off, and this section should expand rapidly in the coming weeks
  • Industry search - it's Google, but limited to UK welfare-to-work sites

You'll need to log in to access the new site features, mainly to stop spam from clogging up the place. We'll be moving all newswire subscribers to full user accounts over the next couple of weeks, but you're more than welcome to register in the meantime if you can't wait to take a look around.

Within the next couple of days we'll be publishing guidance for people who want to contribute to the site, including advice on anonymity, the civil service code, and how to get the most from the site without being sacked. On the technical side, you can now forward e-mails, use trackbacks if you want to talk about an article from your own blog, and report inappropriate content for review. We've also put together some terms and conditions, although they still need to be tidied up. We hope you enjoy using the new features, and if there's anything else you want, there's a forum there for you to go and ask in!