NDDP Preferred bidders

So far we've heard that the preferred bidders include:

  • Shaw Trust have won 17 contracts. It's unclear whether this includes the 4 contracts they've taken over from Instant Muscle
  • A4e have won apparently 13.
  • Sencia are advertising for NDDP staff in 4 areas - Glasgow, Greater Manchester, South Tyne & Wear, and Greater Mersey & Liverpool.
  • Reed in Partnership have 3.
  • Working Links won Ayrshire but not all that much else.
  • Serco didn't win any NDDP contracts. It's worth noting that NDDP was not a prime contractor model, so their approach was somewhat at odds with its requirements.

We'll update this page as more gossip filters through. Know something? Then for goodness' sake tell us now!