Leading employers prove disabled Apprentices boost business

Research by The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has revealed that by hiring and supporting disabled people on to their Apprenticeship schemes, employers have found that they are better able to extend the pool of high quality applicants available to them, engage with the widest possible consumer base and have a workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers they serve.

The research also found that 82 per cent of disabled customers in the UK took their business to a more accessible competitor in 2013, as they prefer to shop with accessible businesses. Therefore having a disability inclusive workforce can enable employers to tap into the market of 10 million disabled customers in the UK with a combined annual spending power of £80 billion. This, combined with the fact that the average Apprenticeship increases business productivity by £214 per week through increased profits, lower prices and better products, demonstrates that hiring disabled apprentices makes good business sense.

In consultation with employers, NIACE have developed an online employment toolkit to help more disabled people gain access to Apprenticeships and to help employers gain access to skilled and dedicated workers. Commissioned by the Skills Funding Agency, the toolkit demonstrates the simple and cost-effective actions that employers can take, including around recruitment and ongoing support, to make their Apprenticeship programmes open to disabled Apprentices.

Further informationn and the toolkit itself can be found here.