Instant Muscle in administration

Instant Muscle has gone bankrupt, resulting in the closure of their delivery sites across the country. The entire workforce of over 200 was made redundant on February 28th without notice or pay, and many are interviewing for positions with competitor companies. According to rumour their Pathways to Work contract in Surrey and Sussex is being transferred, with the new deliverer being announced within the next couple of days. However, no official announcements have been made by the DWP concerning Instant Muscle or the fate of its contracts at the time of writing. 

And a story from happier times, with a government minister visiting one of their sites in November 2007

Update - Carter & Carter have also gone into administration Update 17/3 - No more news on who has the Pathways contract, although a Third Sector story reveals that Shaw Trust have been in talks about taking it over. Update 26/3 - Strong rumours that A4e have taken up the Surrey & Sussex Pathways contract. Update 14/4 - Shaw Trust picked up the four NDDP contracts that Instant Muscle won in the recent round


to be quite honest i am not surprised by the company going into administration as when i worked for the company they were run very badly by people who were in the senior positions who had lost touch with the every day problems in life and strutted around in self importtance

Hi Anonymous,
I suspect it's easy to say that about many companies in many industries. Having said that, Instant Muscle didn't have a great reputation among ex-workers that I knew.

I used to work for Instant Muscle for several years. I could honestly say that it was a poorly run company employing many inexperienced and incompetent managers, though there were a few good ones. They were also well known in the industry for using heavy handed tactics among their staff. Good riddance.These kind of organisations we don't need.

When I worked there I always felt like the poor relatives compared to all other providers, does anyone understand the reports we receive from smith and Williamson does it mean we are not going to get our money afterall i find the whole thing very confusing?

I must say that I enjoyed my time at instant muscle and found it very helpful especially one adviser who use to be an ex journalist.

She really helped me to use language in way where by I got results and interviews I wish I could remember her name anyway she was based at the Business Link in Brixton, if anyone can remember her I would be very grateful.


Is there anybody who has kept their contracts from Instant Muscle esp regarding the enhanced redundancy - I was tuped to another organisation after Instant Muscle and am facing redundancy - the company will be obliged to pay statutory redundancy because they have no other details from Instant Muscle