Future DWP Commissioning – A view to 2017 (i2i’s main Experiences and Recommendations)

Inspire 2 Independence (i2i) is one of the highest performing (and largest) employment/skills sub-contractors in the UK.

Since the start of The Work Programme i2i has supported over 42,000 jobseekers, achieving 51% referral to job starts and up to 36% referral to job outcomes.

Working at the top of five Prime Contractor’s Work Programme Supply Chain networks i2i is well-placed to comment on future commissioning.

Two years ago, i2i produced a report entitled ‘How to Improve on The Work Programme’, which was well received across the sector. 

Now, i2i is offering a further, experienced perspective as a highly successful front-line deliverer of employment/skills services.

This is because decisions reached over the coming weeks will affect thousands of the country’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable jobseekers and their families and will also determine the economic impact of future programme(s) on the Country’s benefits bill (both pre-work and in-work).

i2i therefore suggests some key areas where improvements in the system would enable providers to deliver deeper and greater gains for individuals, families and communities, for employers, and also for the exchequer.

Any thoughts, comments or feedback are welcome.