DWP to launch Universal Jobmatch this autumn

A new Jobcentre Plus web-based job posting and matching service – Universal Jobmatch — is to be launched in autumn.

Universal Jobmatch will be one of the UK’s largest jobsites and will automatically match a jobseeker’s CV and skills to jobs that suit their needs.

To make use of the new service jobseekers will need to register with the online service and provide an email address. They may be invited by employers to apply for jobs via an online application.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), among the advantages of the service are that jobseekers can tailor their job search preferences to suit the jobs they are looking for, and they can receive ongoing job matches and email alerts. There will also be a ‘help and support function’ and a feedback service for users.

On whether some individuals will be disadvantaged if they do not have access to the internet at home, the DWP said that the service will be available from anywhere with internet access, including internet cafes, public libraries and mobile devices.

Commenting on potential privacy issues that posed by the online delivery of job services, Emma Carr, deputy director of privacy group Big Brother Watch, told the Guardian: ‘The DWP  needs to provide assurances that it has systems in place to ensure that personal information remains secure.’

More on Universal Jobmatch from the DWP's website


I consider the loss of the Job Boards in JCP was detrimental to jobseekers and now this inovation. Jobseekers should be able to give consideration to a range of jobs which they might make application rather than those which would seem will be categorised into specific skills sets. I work with those whose health has forced a career change and we regularly consider the needs of the labour market with a view towards training for more commonly occurring vacancies - I do hope this Jobmatch site will allow access to vacancies to which you may not have the skills but are working towards gaining them.

I wonder if this website will work for all selections of society or just the low paid section that the JCP are currently pushing. I have been asking for a site like this for years and why its taken so long to be developed I'll never know. However, good the site is though it still will not help if the list of jobs on the site cannot cope with the current high level of demand.

1) The system will be contracted to Monster, Inc. However, the public employment service functions remain including free job postings.

2) The system is planned to make available all vacancies available on UK Monster listings as well as ones listed through Business Link. This is projected to be significantly more comprehensive than the current system, in terms of the range of jobs available. What is not quite clear is the amount of 'de-duplication' that will be applied - as is well-known to users, olnine vacancy aggregators frequently include the same vacancy several times that had been posted through different routes - such as several local newspaper chains.

3) The job matching system is based on 'text-mining' the CVs posted and the advert documents (including, where known, job descriptions, person specs), as opposed to the current system where jobs are coded to the Standard Occupational Classification and searching is primarily by job title linked to SOC code.

4) DWP are consulting on statistical outputs. At first glance these look substantially less comprehensive than the current offer. Consultation contained in their latest statistical summary: http://statistics.dwp.gov.uk/asd/asd1/st...