DWP to launch Universal Jobmatch

The Department for Work and Pensions is to launch a free online job posting and matching service, ‘Universal Jobmatch’, on 19 November 2012. The service will be available through the new gov.uk portal which will come into use on 17 October 2012.

Universal Jobmatch will replace the Jobcentre Plus jobs and skills search facility for jobseekers, and Employer Direct and Employer Direct Online for companies. The new technology will automatically match jobseekers’ CVs and skills to the jobs posted online.

For more information on Universal Jobmatch please see the Department for Work and Pensions website.


The job points at JCP's are already being turned off and those jobseekers who are not IT savvy are going to have massive problems applying for jobs.

That seems absolutely ludicrous. Many of our learners, especially older jobseekers, really struggle with IT. This will disadvantage them even further.

The jobseekers who are not IT savvy are also going to have to cope with Universal Credit being digital by default.

Some of this will need Providers to help with IT, and making sure they know about and use the accessibility tools that are built in to IT operating systems - computers can read things out and/or magnify text. Some can accept voice input.