Cannes documentary casts light on young job seekers receiving mentorship at a HR agency in northern France

Documentary filmmakers, Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard have released a new documentary which explores a marginalized group in their home country - young job seekers.

The film, Rules of the Game, charts the progress of young job seekers at a mentoring program in a human resources agency over eight months, and it has been described as a "thoughtful exploration about how the disfranchised are made to conform to norms they find difficult to comprehend."

The documentary comprises almost completely of scenes that take place within one single branch office of the nationwide recruitment firm Ingeus. Drawing from nearly 150 hours of footage,the documentary is filled with the conversations between the youngsters and their professional advisers "revealing how much they feel at odds with the machinations that would allow them to locate work in a 21st-century capitalist world."

Viewers watch these economically disadvantaged young job seekers react differently to the circumstances,  but in most cases it becomes apparent that they "don't know how to 'sell themselves' in job interviews or to be constructive and communicative to other people after they were taken advantage of too many times."

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