AELP publishes briefing paper on DWP Commissioning Strategy

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) has published a briefing paper on the new DWP Commissioning Strategy.

The AELP has said:

"AELP generally welcomes the new Commissioning Strategy as giving a basis on which to plan future business opportunities.  In essence it does not signal any radical movement from the status quo and we can probably expect that larger contracts will continue with large contract package areas containing a small number of prime providers in each. The lack of mention of the role of the ERSS is interesting but it would be unwise to speculate how significant or otherwise this may be at this stage.  The general commitment to try and increase the ability of SMEs to engage in DWP contracts is welcome, as is the shift of tender assessment from price to quality, a move for which AELP has been lobbying for some time, and the explicit recognition of the role that previous track record plays in determining a tenderer’s suitability to deliver.  Track record should include current performance once the statistics have been verified and evidence from other contracts with the activity is similar.  We also welcome the increased focus on smaller and more specialist tendering opportunities at more local levels."

Read the briefing paper here.