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Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 7 March 2011

Latest news

Work Programme: voluntary sector involvement

Inclusion and the Third Sector European Network (TSEN) are conducting a survey to find out the extent to which the local voluntary sector in England has been included in Work Programme bids.  Read more here.

Evidence on Universal Credit White Paper to be published

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 25 February 2011

Latest news

Inclusion publishes guide to most significant welfare reforms in decades

The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion has published a full response to the recent Welfare Reform Bill and a briefing on the Universal Credit system.  Read more here.

Peter Deaves joins Inclusion as Acting Head of Policy

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 18 February 2011

Latest news

Welfare Reform Bill: Inclusion’s response

This week saw the publication of the government’s long-awaited Welfare Reform Bill. It primarily sets out the changes being made to the tax credits and benefits system. Central to the reforms, is the planned introduction of Universal Credit.  Read more here.

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 11 February 2011

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Grayling: first reassessments of those on IB in Aberdeen and Burnley show large numbers of claimants with the potential to return to work

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 4 February 2011

Latest news

Why providers want the Future Jobs Fund back

An interesting piece in the Financial Times this week calls into question the government’s decision to scrap the Future Jobs Fund and suggests prime providers are nervous about job numbers.  Read more here.

Local authority redundancies rise by 10,000 in last week - taking total to 150,000 in UK

Welfare to Work Newswire - 28 January 2011

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Government plans to expand work experience opportunities for young unemployed

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced a significant extension of work experience opportunities for unemployed young people in Britain.  Read more here.

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 21 January 2011

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Sarina Russo pulls out of Work Programme competition

This week saw the shock announcement that Sarina Russo Job Access will not be participating in the competition for Work Programme contracts, despite being accepted onto the Framework for Employment Related Support Services for a number of regions across the UK.  Read more here.

Good news for a change - signs of recovery in manufacturing

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 14 January 2011

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Inclusion think tank says Work Programme can only work if it meets the needs of people with health conditions

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 7 January 2011

Save the date

Work, benefits and skills: the role of local government

Wednesday 19 January 2011, The Cavendish Conference Centre, London

This conference will help shape the new role of local government in delivering some of the most radical welfare reform in a generation.

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 17 December 2010

Happy christmas and new to year to all our subscribers!

This is the last Indus Delta newswire of 2010, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our followers from the welfare to work industry a happy holiday!  See you again in 2011!

Save the date

Wednesday 19 January 2010 | Cavendish Conference Centre, London

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 10 December 2010

Latest news

ALP & Inclusion Partners in action event

Representatives from the largest business and industrial sectors in the country will be in London on 14 December to present their employment and training needs to the welfare-to-work providers now on the DWP Framework and shortlisted to deliver the government’s new Work Programme.  Read more here.

Skills conditionality consultation launched

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 3 December 2010

Latest news

Frank Field calls for overhaul of child welfare

Frank Field’s report into child welfare has been released today.  The report calls for a freezing of child benefit and child tax credits.  Read more here.

Housing Benefit cap delayed

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire - 26 November 2010

Stop press!

Inclusion launches innovative Work Programme financial modelling tool

Inclusion has developed a must-have Work Programme financial model. This essential tool has been designed to make number crunching for the Work Programme much simpler!

STOP PRESS: DWP release preferred suppliers list for Framework for the Provision of Employment Related Support Services

The Department for Work and Pensions have announced that they have completed the selection process for the Employment Related Support Services Framework and have made their award decisions.

The names and contact details of the organisations that have been selected as Preferred Suppliers in each of the Lots can be found here.

Indus Delta Welfare to Work Newswire: Urgent and important message for sector-based providers interested in working on the Work Programme

On the 14 December 2010, ALP and Inclusion are hosting an event in London which will bring together prime providers short-listed for the Work Programme and sector-based providers. The conference is planned around a series of break out sessions led by Sector Ambassadors.  These sessions will give an overview of the opportunities within the sector and the sector’s expectations of the Work Programme, showcasing its expertise, knowledge and partnership opportunities.