WorkDirections complaints

Can some also tell em why Im being told that if you wish to make a compalint about this company as a client (When in afact its them you are complaining about)That you have to do it via them.(Trust me me they dont like that)
Why is there nothing in place to protect the client via JobCentre,Surely.they have to protect the clients who they send to a company like this.
After all they Work Directions will no way tell you your rights as a client.
They dont even tell you what you are legally intitled to via PATHWAY to Work Or NEW DEAL.
I mean do you know that their is a client spend there?and they must spend it on each cleint.Now just the ones they want too (If your face fits)This is in itself a form surely wrong and they should have to answer these questions once and for all,I mean it would be the first time that this company have been looked at by the police.In fact check link,This is what happend with the founder and boss of Work Directions was questions and Not for the first TIME

Also,they have for some reason changed their name to Jobfind

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Your comment is both true and relevant. Unfortunately that which is true is not relevant, and that which is relevant is not true. Taking your points in rough order:

  • There is a poster on the wall of every DWP contracted employment programme, detailing the official complaints process. The first stage is to complain to the provider. If that doesn't resolve your issues satisfactorily, then the second stage is to complain to Jobcentre Plus / DWP. There are plenty of measures in place to protect customers, but you really don't say precisely what customers need to be protected from. It sounds like you want to be protected from being asked to make yourself job ready and look for a job.
  • Funding pots for Pathways and other programmes are discretionary. It is not free money. For that matter, JSA is not free money either. Your advisers are allowed to make judgments about who would be best served with the money available.
  • You ask why they changed the name of the Australian firm to JobFind, yet the answer is in the story that you reprinted. WorkDirections in Australia was sold years ago, and has rebranded to reflect its new ownership.
  • The news story you've reproduced is from May 2007, and concerns WorkDirections in Australia. I've edited it out because you breached the newspaper's copyright by reprinting the story in full. The end of the report clearly stated that the Australian operations were being sold, and are thus no longer part of the Ingeus Group in any case.

For this posting, and for your sloganeering, BNP-ish username, you've been banned. You might want to try Have Your Say on the BBC website. They get paid to sort through this stuff. I've left the post up partly to provide some balance to the A4e stuff going on elsewhere in the discussions. I'm becoming increasingly tempted to can all critical comments by customers. There's a lot that could be said and shared, but the quality of a lot of the postings is just appalling.

'Come see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being repressed!'

I have also had contact with this company called "Work Directions" and I agree with what this person has stated,I dont see how you can ban some one for telling the truth about these things and I cant see how you can just ban them as you say for using a BNP-ish username,I dont feel that his/her name is any way BNP-ish (I would like to know why you would say that) after all it just uses the word British jobs4?Surely,There is nothing wrong in him/her saying that,after all a lot of people born here and now really getting fed up with being pushed aside for jobs and for housing.
As for what you say about the " Discretionary Fund",That remark is also not fair as Work Directions,like many providers for New Deal/Pathway to Work have a duty of care when these monies are given out and they just cant willy nilly give it to one and not to the other because your face I do tend to disagree with what you say on that.
Remember,they have a client spend of roughly £400 per client on New Deal and they never tell the clients that and they dont tell them about the bonuses they will be claiming if You as a cleint find your self a job.To me this is worse than what any MP are doing at this time and they are all just lining their pockets.

Who funds ? owns? and runs this website??Just wondering?

That would be me, me, and me, respectively. At least until I make the site financially self-sustaining, at which point the second and third will still apply. I try to make the site open to all comers, but there are some fairly strict rules about offensive or libellous content. There are lots of other, productive discussions that people have when the site's not being strangled by waves of this stuff. For reference, the banned user's full username was Britishjobs4britishworkers.

You have banned this person for using the name "Britishjobs4britishworkers"
Can I ask what is wrong with that name?
After.all wasnt it a Mr Gordon Brown who brought these comments to light?
I also thought that the UK had a Freedom On Speech?

If Gordon Brown signed up under that username then I'd ban him too. Your right to free speech is not in any way affected by my decision not to host your comments on my site. Don't like it? Start your own website. You could even learn some useful, marketable skills doing so!

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The discretionary spend is not a legal "intitlement", and the "bonuses" providers claim are the revenue streams of the business. Please get your facts straight.

Thanks Daniel for banning Britishjobs4britishworkers! Anyone choosing such an emotive and divisive username has no place in the welfare to work industry in my opinion.

Submitted by zednice on Thu, 16/07/2009 - 1:45pm.
Thanks Daniel for banning Britishjobs4britishworkers! Anyone choosing such an emotive and divisive username has no place in the welfare to work industry in my opinion.
Why would you?

After all why shouldnt jobs in our country go to people in our country first.
Its like everything else here from housing etc etc etc.

Its time to sort this country out and put the people born here first for a change.

Blah Blah Blah, disenfranchised by major political parties, silent majority Blah Blah Blah, taking our jobs, taking our women, Blah Blah Blah..

It doesn't matter what you call yourself - WorkDirectionsUK or Ingeus.

New Deal, New Deal for Disabled People, Flexible New Deal, Even Newer Deal, New Deal with Tinsel.

You're still offering a pointless, box-ticking, discriminatory, bullying series of schemes.

You are in denial and interested only in getting money for old rope.


I would strongly recommend you block Welfare2Worksch...

I find their comments highly offensive.

As someone with a disability who works for a subcontractor to WorkDirections, these comments are the complete opposite of reality.

The staff at WorkDirections are probably some of the most committed in the industry.

I have a disability (Multiple Sclerosis) and have done New Deal three times. I have grown tired of advisors suggesting that I claim "a more appropriate benefit" and giving me details of how to TELL my GP that I want a sicknote, when in fact I am seeking work and capable of it.

I have referred the matter to my MP.

You may find my comments "offensive", but I found the WorkDirections staff I dealt with to be offensive, discriminatory and ignorant.

Right then. I've moved this discussion to 'unconstructive' because it quite clearly is. Different people have different experiences of welfare to work support, not all good and not all bad. WorkDirections have one of the better reputations in the industry when it comes to treatment of both staff and customers. Accusing an entire class of people who spend their lives trying to help people of bullying and only being in it for the money is quite clearly offensive, plus it's not terribly related to the matter at hand.

Christmas has just come early.
Ive just heard the Great news,that should of happened a few ago.

Work Directions has Lost their New Deal Contracts all over the place,but for scotland (But thats only a matter of time too)

[Moderation - well, yes. New Deal ended across half the country, and Flexible New Deal kicked off. They're delivering in different areas to the old ones]

XXXXXXXXXXX has done a runner ..............Justice is served?Or is it.

[Moderation - checking this out. Please contact me directly when you've got information / rumours that could be more risky]

This company are a joke and we are all now laughing at what should of happned amny years ago.

I mean these so called Penpushers"2 weeks train Advisors" are now being treated in the same way that company treated its PAID FOR Clients..

Im so happy.Its only a matter of time when the loss the "PATHWAY TO WORK" contract which they sadly signed before the goverment seen what they werent doing for the Millions of pounds they got.

How much did XXXXXXXXXX get before he done a runner?

He should be brought to accont and in time he and this company will for ripping of the British Taxpayer and this is worse than MPs Expenses....

WORK DIRECTIONS hahahahahaha

[Moderation - Normally, discussions labelled 'unconstructive' are only moderated in response to complaints. This one popped up at the top of the discussions list and caught my attention though. I was speaking with someone the other day who argued that the better a provider is, the more likely they are to get these kind of hate campaigns. While I don't necessarily agree, you're clearly a very bitter person with little regard for the split between providers' responsibilities and your own. It's time to shut down this discussion.]