WorkDirections complaints

Can some also tell em why Im being told that if you wish to make a compalint about this company as a client (When in afact its them you are complaining about)That you have to do it via them.(Trust me me they dont like that)
Why is there nothing in place to protect the client via JobCentre,Surely.they have to protect the clients who they send to a company like this.
After all they Work Directions will no way tell you your rights as a client.
They dont even tell you what you are legally intitled to via PATHWAY to Work Or NEW DEAL.
I mean do you know that their is a client spend there?and they must spend it on each cleint.Now just the ones they want too (If your face fits)This is in itself a form surely wrong and they should have to answer these questions once and for all,I mean it would be the first time that this company have been looked at by the police.In fact check link,This is what happend with the founder and boss of Work Directions was questions and Not for the first TIME

Also,they have for some reason changed their name to Jobfind

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