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Is there any news on work and health contracts as yet for providers ?

What we know so far is that preferred bidders have been informed, but we are in the standstill period when unsuccessful bidders can challenge their rejection.

We had expected the results to be announced at the end of September, but they have not been published yet. Obviously there's something else (Conservative Party Conference) exercising Ministers this week. So the delay may be due to the political messaging timetable rather than challenges (which does not exclude challenges of course). As we're in a musical chairs situation where 8 out of 10 chairs are being taken away some challenge may be possible.

We can't publish anything until DWP gives the green light and neither can others (including winners/losers).


Shaw Trust has a news story on its website to say they have won 2 contracts. They must be very disappointed especially as they have lost all their contracts in Scotland now, as the Scottish Government new contracts do not feature Shaw Trust as a provider.

Thanks all.

Story now on the front page (with links!)

If people find more links I can put on the front page, registered users can comment here or on the front page article.

The Scottish announcement included main sub-contractors, so we're looking for that as well as Greater Manchester and London news.

Afternoon Everyone

I am hearing that TUPE does NOT apply ? anyone aware?



DWP have posted an updated set of model terms and conditions for services contracts - which looks as if it includes Work and Health Programme. 

This is a model set of terms, so may or may not apply to individual contracts.

Cheers Paul

Brief update - Turns out it does not apply, all providers have have been asked to seek independent advise and have decided TUPE doesnt apply.

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However, that said, we're here for workers in the employment services organisations to comment on stuff related to their work.

We also, sometimes, have job ads and you can post CVs which particular designated users can read. As you're supposed to be experts on advice on CVs, they'd better be good.

As we're moving onto the musical chairs phase where newly contracted providers may seek more staff, we hope job ads etc will open up more (while job numbers have recently been contracting as Work Programme numbers have gone down).