The Way Things Were, 35 Years Back - your views please

I am soon going to step back from work in this sector, after about 35 years. To mark this I am getting together with a couple of other mates with equally long memories at the Employability and Skills Scotland convention dinner and we are going to talk about how different things were then. We’ll enjoy it – we might even start arguing again! - and I hope it will be mildly amusing and informative for those who haven’t been in the sector so long.

If you have been in the sector for some time, you can help. I've set out three simple questions on an online survey on Survey Monkey: .I'm looking forward to drawing on responses at our little 'reminisce-in'. Hurry though, it's on the evening of Tuesday 28 November

These are the questions - complete them online please:

1 If someone aged about 25, entering the sector now, were transported back to start work in an equivalent position the early 1980s, what differences might surprise them most? (I suggest one serious and one light-hearted response each)
2 What approaches or policies which were common then should be given another try?
3 Any other comments? Do you want to try to sum up some of your experience of working this sector with a pithy aphorism? Or maybe a funny story (or two)?

Matthew Crighton