Scrap the disastrous Work Programme scheme

It is high time for this Government to wake up and smell the coffee. It is also high time for the W2W industry (including ATOS) to do the same. The facts are:- 1. The economy is shrinking faster than the eye can follow it, therefore unemployment continues to rise, inflation also continues to rise but growth continues to fall. These facts are very unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. 2. The W2W industry needs to receive a high number of "hardest to help" customers - ie the ones for whom the W2W providers can claim more than a measly £4,000-ish. That is not going to happen. The GPs in both England & Scotland have now spoken out very strongly against the politicians' misguided ideas, executed hopelessly badly by ATOS: 3. The ERSA have admitted that their own members are not doing any better than the deadweight rate for getting unemployed people back into work: Their members are unlikely to be able to do any better because of the factors I have already mentioned. 4. The Work Programme scheme is beset by repeated and on-going scandals. These scandals are dragging the WP scheme, its customers and the whole of the W2W industry into deep disrepute, so the ill-considered Work Programme scheme is simply causing a huge amount of reputational demage to everyone involved with it, including its own customers. 5. It is also damaging the Government itself because it has become obvious to anyone with a brain cell that the DWP's "audits" amount to nothing more than applying whitewash to a hugely damaging scheme and a W2W industry that ought to be stopped in its tracks without any further ado. 6. The WP scheme is causing some of its customers vast amounts of stress and anguish, as we have all seen on this website. Their doctors will tell them that the WP scheme is not good for them and I've yet to meet the doctor who is not prepared to stand up to the Government where one of his/her own patients' health is concerned. The Hippocratic Oath has never meant, "Roll over and allow a bunch of incompetent ignoramuses to tickle your tummy." In short, the nonsense of the Work Programme is simply incapable of surviving, let alone thriving, when there is so much that is wrong with it. I suspect that everyone with a vested interest the thing is simply delaying the evil moment of admitting the truth. I have no intention of killing myself or doing anything stupid. The Government made this utter mess, not me, so it is up to them to kill the whole thing off before it has a chance to become any worse than it already is. If anyone wants to say anything to the contrary, I would probably be tremendously encouraged to hear it.