Removal of the topic regarding Employers Liability Insurance!

The WP and CWP have been operating without the proper Insurance,they have removed my previous post why? no vulgar language,just the fact that they are not carrying/paying for the proper insurance.

We do remove discussion topics when they are obstructive rather than constructive.

The issues of employment law (including Health and Safety) coverage of people who are not employees (and hence insurable liabilities) are complex and liable to be changed by regulation rather than primary legislation.

Therefore, it is more than likely that insurance coverage can be extended without the placement provider needing to do anything - the law changes and insurers will only do something if they see the need.

People on provision should be covered by health and safety protection as if they were employees. That seems to be the key policy issue.

Missed the reply,actually people on MWA/CWP/WP are under the NMW regulations "Not to be considered Employees or Workers and not entitled to the National Minimum Wage"