Mental Health of the Long Term Unemployed

Would you welcome behaviourial management and intervention staff training for frontline staff?
It appears that staff are often exposed to clients with a range of mental health issues and a) are not sure what signs to look for and b) do not necessarily know what to do with the client if /when it presents itself.

(These are the clients who are often classed as hardest to help, difficult,time wasters etc the ones who the system fails)

The majority of welfare to work services are targetted on job outcomes and this has therefore seen an increased pressure on job entries for clients and staff. With depression now quickly becoming the second most common illness in the UK coupled with the soaring unemployment figures (with the overt link between the two) it is now imperative we have more of an understanding on how to help these people. Do you think if staff could identify the barriers candidates face that they would benefit from mental health training in addition to having a broader knowledge of mental health?

I welcome your feedback on this topic