Costings & payments for Welfare to Work programs

I would like to know if anyone can direct me to the Welfare to Work program payments for potential partners as i would like to put a business plan together and need these figures for my cashflow projections to put forward to the banks for funding.
Thank you in aniticipaion for your help and feedback.

Hi George

It's more complicated than that. The Invitations to tender, including payment points and values for all current programmes have been placed by DWP on Contracts Finder.

However, Prime Contractors appointed by DWP can set their own terms for sub-contractors. The Merlin Standard governs relationships between Primes and Sub-contractors, but contract prices are subject to agreement between Prime and Sub.

Work Programme Primes and sub-contractors should be aware that when providing work experience support for JSA participants they MUST mandate participants to this activity.

According to the DWP, this is to avoid the National Minimum Wage regulations, which do apply if JSA participants are not mandated.


I think we all noticed Article 14, Chapter 3 from the guidelines, and thought 'hold on someone's being a tad disingenuous', when Grayling and IDS said there was no mandatory aspect to that particular provision.

"14. Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity. This is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations, which will apply if JSA participants are not mandated."

But strangely enough, and probably to protect certain peoples political careers, it's all been hidden away.

"Oh what a tangled web they weave, When first they practise to deceive!"

Thank you all for replying but is there no way that I can have access to the primary payment figures offered to the main contractor as this would give me a negotiating arm to base my business proposal on i.e. registration fee, work trial payment, work experience payment and back to work grant etc.
Thank you

Prices in here, but these were guide prices, part of the tendering weightings was price based. Primes tendered below these rates

Simply, under Work Programme, Attachment fee £400 or £600, reducing to zero after first three years, Work Trial fee zero, Work experience fee zero, Job entry fee zero, six months total paid work start of payments (three months total paid work for disadvantaged groups), each successive four weeks in paid work more money.

Putting people in unpaid work experience generates in itself absolutely zero. If it stops people getting paid work for that time, it reduces overall income. It's worth doing if it helps generate paid work.

I think that pehaps the term 'mandate' is being misunderstood. Mandating isn't so much the issue, that is the 'mechanism'. A customer can willingly agree to be mandated to a Work Experince placement. It's the mandationg of customers under threat of sanction that is the issue.

Hi smurf,
Thank you for the info that you have sent to me and I have had a look over all that is there but can be hard to follow or stay focussed in what is being offered but then it is a tendering doc.
I want to help redress the "slave labour" tag that it has but can only do that with working in partnership with others.

Contact Emma Harrison, no doubt she will give you some pointers.

Hi osdset,
I have tried, do you have her contact details?