The Correct Evidence of Searching For Employment?

I have fallen into a routine in order to meet both the requirements of the WP and the JCP regarding proof of actively looking for employment,I search and apply on many different employment sites,but in order to keep it simple,I present all my recent UJM searches as proof. My WP appointment is 3 days before my signing on at the JCP,I show up early and print of my search as this satisfies them,but I also write down the info as JCP will not accept a printout,so far so good,my last WP was by phone,so I did not print out JS I only wrote it down,I attended JCP,the usual questions and showed my job search "You need to allow us access to your UJM account" is it mandatory? "We need access in order to verify your activity" You will not accept a printout,and is access mandatory? "You could of just written any name down,how do I know you applied?" Will you accept a printout? "I am raising a doubt,you refuse to produce proof or allow me access to your UJM" I asked to see a Manager and explained what process I usually use to provide proof and offered to log into UJM to prove this "We only have 2 IAD and they are for UC" do you currently have anybody on UC? "No" Finally agreed to let me log on and I let him have a look with the District Manager her response? "I have never seen so many applications for employment" (over 800) complaint dismissed. How are they going to cope with Post WP returnees?