Can it possibly get any worse for A4e?

DWP press release

To answer the headline, of course it could - DWP hasn't pulled any contracts.

Nothing has been shown to be systemic.

Innocent until proven guilty etc.

As a private company they don't have the stock market running away.

'But it is the unemployed caught up in the company’s self-interested contortions who are its real victims."

Quoted in one of the news articles

Frontline staff are also the victims

Champagne culture at Emma Harrison's A4e alleged by ex-managers

If DWP are going down this road with A4e they need to do so with every other prime who ever held a New Deal contract.

Anyone who ever falsified time sheets or evidence is personally culpable in any organisation not just A4e, and believe me everything in the latest story happened in spades everywhere. If this was happening to the level suggested by the whistle blowers then they are all responsible. No one held a gun to their heads to make them do it but suddenly they've all come over angelic and saintly and are so quick to say how terrible it was. Didn't stop them participating did it.

The witch hunt is far from over.