Work Program 2-Any news yet?

Having been made redundant a few weeks back, is there any news on awarding contracts etc for the various CPA areas.What will happen to the jobcentres tooo-any residual contracts to look out for?

DWP are just putting things out via their tenders portal at the moment.

They're running a Framework exercise first for potential suppliers, and will then run the actual tender exercise. This is the same format as they did for the Work Programme.

We're running an event on this

However, it's a charge-for one.

Watch for more details from Learning & Work, ERSA, AELP, IEP.

Jobcentres will be taking on more work, but (depending on other stuff like the economy, Brexit etc) may or may not have existing resources to provide an intensive jobsearch service. Clearly, if the economy goes belly-up, they'll be recruiting Work Coaches.