IPPR Survey request - managers and advisers in employment support organisations

The Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) is currently researching how personal advisers in the welfare system can be best equipped to deliver a personalised and flexible system of welfare to work in order to support more people off benefits and into sustainable employment.

We are looking for people to complete an online survey to help us get a clearer picture of how the system currently works. The first survey is for personal advisers working in employment support organisations and the second survey is for managers working in employment support organisations.

Social Mobility White Paper

The New Opportunities White Paper is making its way toward law. The major impacts of this on welfare-to-work are:

  • £500 training entitlement for parents or carers returning to work
  • Employment support programme for young people leaving care
  • 35,000 new apprenticeship places
  • Full time community volunteering programme for people not in education, employment or training in 33 local authorities

Welfare Reform Bill submitted to Parliament

Following on from the Welfare Reform White Paper, the Welfare Reform Bill was released today. This will change all the necessary laws to implement the White Paper.

FND Gateway proposals unveiled

The DWP have released details of a new £500m support package for the FND Stage 2 period of 6-12 months unemployment, to be rolled out from April

Traffic Light performance for all provisions

Update 13/1 - now with analysis of the figures! The DWP have sent Alan Cave's traffic light reports through. I've extracted the main summary page below, and the Excel file is at the bottom of this story.

Performance for different groups

summary graphs from the Excel file

Workless in 2009 – Event Report

Shortly before Christmas, CESI ran a particularly star-studded conference. The sheer quantity of information from the 14 speakers and 6 sessions has taken a while to digest. I've put together some highlights, and the session plan and PowerPoint slides can be found on the CESI website.

Calder buys Talent Recruitment

This just in, unedited and from the horse's mouth

Shortlisted FND-bidder Calder Holding of the Netherlands has acquired the majority share in Talent Recruitment. Talent will continue to trade as it is and its job brokerage services should bolster Calder's bids for Central London and LSW district, Coventry, Warwickshire and The Marches.

Whither Indus Delta?

The website and newswire have been growing over the past 18 months. It's now reached ubiquity - I went to a CESI conference on Wednesday, and almost everyone there was a subscriber. And what they all asked me, immediately after saying they read it every week, was:

More providers and contracts in our database

The provider and contracts databases have been updated! The new database covers over 400 providers and 1100 contracts.

Key points from the Welfare Reform White Paper

The White Paper is essentially the Green Paper plus the Gregg Review. Some of the more controversial proposals (Work for Your Benefit, mandated support for lone parents with younger children etc.) will start out as pilots or trailblazers. The responses to the consultation are outlined in some detail in the appendices, but the only major changes are the softening of drug-testing proposals and the freeze on transfer of carers from IS.

Key points from the Gregg Review of Conditionality

Paul Gregg's review of benefits and conditionality was published on 2nd November. The web page and full report are available here. For ease of reference, I've put the main points and press coverage below. However, the actual report is definitely worth reading - just the list of recommendations at the end of the report is 7 pages long!

Compass and PCS give the anti-reform campaign some edge

Compass and the PCS are leading the latest charge in the anti-reform campaign. With no major newspaper or political party on their side they're facing a tough battle. But what are their own proposals?

Latest star ratings released for Employment Zones

The April-September star ratings have just been released. Major headline? They're totally different to the previous set of ratings. To the point where it raises questions about whether they're worth looking at. I might put together an analysis of the results for next week if there's enough demand, but I can't guarantee that the analysis won't say 'ignore them'. Anyone interested?

21 year old to find meaningful work

Can you please advise what knowledge and help you are able to provide a 21 year old who obtained good results of A's and B' s in GCSE level but made a mess of 6th Form and after several stints volunteering abroad and here locally in Somerset plus lots of temp work - he is negative about job prospects and is totally unable to specify an area in what kind of job he would or could get. The local job centre is trying to help but just keep giving him low grade jobs which he sees no future in . with thanks x

Lone parents entering JSA